About Us

In early 2023 after noticing a big giant space in the online African Men's Fashion world for clothes that had elegance and style, but yet still simple and affordable to buy, this made launching EdikanMoses™ very necessary.

EdikanMoses decided to incorporate his vast knowledge from his African roots with a mixture of various men's style information that leads into great simplistic fashion aspirations that people desire.

EdikanMoses provides relatable men's fashion clothing, content, and advice so that men worldwide can dress with elegance at an affordable price. Women can also find great fashionable clothing and content here also.

EdikanMoses also believes that style is more than what you wear or how you look. He believes it's how you live your life, how you show your interest, how you express your pursuits, your curiosity and your appreciation of quality and craftsmanship in all aspects of your life, at a simple affordable price.